DEVON TERRILL, Director / Producer

Devon Terrill got her start in the TV/Film industry when she was selected for a prestigious internship through the Hollywood-based Academy of Television Arts & Sciences right after receiving her B.A. from the University of Iowa.  She relocated to Los Angeles to begin working in TV development at Viacom Productions, first as an intern and then as an assistant to two creative executives. During this two-year period of time, Devon worked on a number of comedy, drama and reality series as well as several TV movies.

Although she found this initial stint in the industry rewarding, Devon's curiosity and restless spirit compelled her to take advantage of her youth (and lack of possessions) and leave Hollywood for a few months of backpacking overseas. Fifteen months later, after traveling across the globe, Devon made her way back to Los Angeles. Upon her return, she was hired to assist in the development and production of 13 episodes of the drama series JACK LONDON'S CALL OF THE WILD for Animal Planet. She also developed several reality series for Discovery's Travel Channel. Devon then landed a job working for producers Ed Bates and John Morrissey on the Fox Searchlight film, KINGDOM COME. She joined Ed Bates' indie production company, Bates Entertainment, where she worked for several years with directors and writers developing a variety of feature films. During this stretch, she also produced a short film starring music producer and artist Pharrell Williams in his acting debut.

At the same time, Devon formed Bottoms Up Productions with her sister, Autumn, and they began filming the documentary film GORK! about their charismatic, disabled younger brother Adam and his impact on their 7-member family.  As part of the documentary project, they co-created and produced the award-winning solo stage play GORK! A One Woman Show.  The play appeared on stage in Los Angeles and won "Best Solo Show" at the International Fringe Festival in New York City. Once completed, GORK! (the documentary) toured at film festivals around the country, garnering several awards, and is distributed exclusively on 

In 2004, Devon joined Emmy award-winning filmmakers, Joe and Harry Gantz, to develop and produce documentary films and series for their production company, View Film.  Devon collaborated with the Gantz Brothers on a number of documentary projects, including the Emmy-winning series TAXICAB CONFESSIONS for HBO, the documentary film DESTINATION: CHANGE OUR WORLD for Amnesty International, as well as series for Showtime, The Sundance Channel, and Channel 5 in the UK.  Her work as a producer concentrated on issue-focused media projects created to emotionally engage the public around critical issues and to advance positive change. In 2014, she was nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy as a producer on the HBO feature documentary AMERICAN WINTER, about the human impact of rising poverty and economic inequality in the U.S. In 2015, she became a program officer at a global peace and security foundation, where she works closely with international journalists and media organizations to strengthen reporting on some of the world’s most critical peace and security challenges.


Raised in Iowa, Autumn Terrill attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, California where she began crafting a one-woman show about her disabled younger brother, Adam. Meanwhile, Autumn gave four transformative years of service to the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis providing support services for persons with disabilities. Under the direction of Dean Strober, Ms. Terrill performed her play “GORK!” at the New York International Fringe Festival winning “Best Solo Show.” Using her unique brand of irreverent and ironic comedy, Autumn aimed to demystify the world of the developmentally disabled while shedding a humorous and compelling light on a group of people often misunderstood. In March, 2004 Autumn launched Storytime with A.D.A.M. (Adaptive Dramatic Affect Method) offering creative play sessions for children (6-11) with autism and other disabilities, designed to inspire learning and elicit language through a high energy, literature guided, creative play session. In 2006, Autumn received the Catherine B. Reynolds Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship at New York University and began graduate studies at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.  During this time, Autumn developed strengths-based interventions for children with disabilities, their families and communities. She graduated with a Masters of Arts in 2008 and founded Adam-in-Action, an organization that supports projects that promote social change for people with disabilities.


ANDREW ECKER, Editor / Producer

Andrew Ecker is an award-winning television and film editor. After learning the ropes as an assistant editor at Mark Burnett Productions, he soon became a two-time Emmy nominated editor of the hit series The Apprentice, and has worked on numerous primetime series for network and cable television. Andrew landed his first job as a full editor on the show Eco-Challenge: Fiji. He then went on to edit Married By America, The Restaurant, Bullrun, and several episodes of HBO's Brave New Voices. He also served as supervising editor for History Channel's Expedition Africa and CBS' There Goes The Neighborhood. In addition, Andrew has edited several humanitarian PSA s, including video documentaries for Healing Odyssey, a camp to benefit women with breast cancer, and The Starfish Foundation, an organization established to combat the AIDS epidemic sweeping the Turks and Caicos. Andrew collaborated closely with the Terrill sisters as an editor/producer on the documentary GORK! , a film chronicling the life of their younger brother Adam, a complex and charismatic young man with developmental disabilities living in Iowa.


PAUL MAYNE, Director of Photography

Paul Mayne has worked as a Cinematographer in Los Angeles for over a decade. He has shot numerous independent features, along with documentaries, commercials and music videos.  His television work includes shows for The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and Telemundo.  Paul graduated with an MFA in film from Florida State University. For more info, please visit:




Starring Adam Terrill

Directed by Devon Terrill

Produced by Autumn Terrill and Devon Terrill

Edited by Andrew Ecker

Director of Photography Paul Mayne

Producer Andrew Ecker


Associate Producers

Paul Mayne

Heather Rouse

Roman and Jill Terrill

Ron Terrill

Stephen Ehrenberg


Additional Camera

Travis Tanner

David Weber

Kurt Wenger


Additional Editing

Lance Mueller


GORK! A One Woman Show

Written & Performed by Autumn Terrill


GORK! A One Woman Show

Los Angeles 2002


Director           Matt Hinerfeld

Producer          Devon Terrill

Camera            Paul Marschall

Camera            Andreas Burges

Camera            CJ Julian

Lighting/Stage Tech     Dan Sandoval

Magicopolis Theatre, Santa Monica



GORK! A One Woman Show

New York Fringe Festival 2004

Director           Dean Strober

Producer          Amanda Lipitz

Camera            Kenny Myers

Camera            Thomas Jackson

Lighting Designer        Graham Kindred

The Next Stage, New York City


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Pierce Law Group, LLP


Music Courtesy of

Selectracks / Bug Music

APM Music


Original Music by

Greg Kuehn


“Psycho Circus”

Written by Paul Stanley & Curt Cuomo

Performed by KISS

Published by The Island Def Jam Music Group, 1998


Motion Graphics

Jeremy Samples

Russell Frazier


Post Production Services




Stephen Clark


Color Correction

Greg Huson



Ron, Chris, Damon and Roman Terrill

CIRSI Group Hope, Marshalltown

9th Street Group Home, Charles City



Sam Paxton

Kara Stalzer

David Russell

Stacy O'Hare

Allison Tomhave Simmons

John Burns

Elizabeth Smaha Blanding

Robert Hoffman

Teddy Tannenbaum

Michael Ferris

Yvonne Mallory

Amanda Selwyn

Frank Ehrenberg

Joe and Harry Gantz

Hesh Rephun

David Bogosian


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