Directed by Devon Terrill, “GORK!” turns a spotlight on her outrageous, charismatic, and perplexing younger brother Adam, his challenges and disabilities, and his impact on the dynamic of his 7-member family. With a raw and personal point of view, tracing Adam’s early years as a foster child, through his high school graduation, to his present-day life in a group home in Iowa, “GORK!” presents a warts-and-all picture of one family’s experiences raising a young man who defies simplistic labels but leaves a distinct mark wherever he goes.

“GORK!” focuses in particular on the relationship between Adam and his sister, Autumn, whose bold life choices are unmistakably influenced by her ever-evolving bond with Adam. Autumn begins a career working with children with autism, but eventually rejects traditional teaching methods. Drawing on her own experiences with Adam, she creates an unorthodox approach to working with the disabled community. The film combines interviews with family members, photos, verite’ video, and scenes from live performances of Autumn's award-winning solo stage play about Adam, bringing to life the stories of Adam’s youth and his transition into adulthood.

Ultimately the film explores the humor and conflict arising from Adam’s indefinable and flamboyant approach to life in "our" world, while exposing deep flaws in a system intended to lead him toward a productive future.